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Welcome To L.A., Now Go home! Pros & Cons Of Living In The City Of Angels

Los Angeles is a great place. If you stay long enough to let it grow on you. The problem is that most people come here, don’t become famous right away, then go back to wherever they came from (it usually takes about 6 months). As a city of permanent residence, L.A. certainly has more than its fair share of challenges. But there are a lot of benefits, too. So here’s a little list of pros and cons — some of them qualify as both, some of them qualify as neither. But if you’re thinking about moving here, they are things you should know. After reading it, if you still want to make the move, look me up and I’ll show you where to get a good cheeseburger.

1. It’s Hot!

Summers used to be pretty mild here, but for the past 10 years or so, 100+ degree days are increasingly common. But what global warming?

2. It’s Liberal!

Yes, we like being the first line of defense against Trump, but we’re not all crazy socialists, like Fox News would have you believe (I said “not ALL”).

3. It’s Expensive!

Unless you’re moving here from New York or San Francisco, you’re likely going to be surprised at how much you pay for a little one bedroom place.

4. It’s Crowded!

That’s because people like you keep moving here. But that’s okay. There’s always room for one more. Besides, we need roommates to make the rent.

5. It’s Hard to Find Parking!

Why can’t those signs just say what they mean? Make sure to put parking tickets in your budget. You’ll get some.

6. It’s Fun!

Want to go swimming at the beach and skiing in the mountains on the same day? You can do it. It’s crazy.

7. It Never Rains!

We get about two weeks of rain in January or February, and that’s pretty much it. And yet somehow, the drought is over.

8. It’s Beautiful!

Yes, we have a lot of smog, but you should see the views on those days after the rain stops.

9. It’s Got Great Food!

I’ll admit that it can be tough to find good Chinese, but everything else is readily available. Don’t believe that crap about how we only eat bean sprouts and tofu.

10. It’s Got Culture!

No, really. Not just pop culture, either. We’ve got amazing museums, and if you like orchestral music, summers at the Hollywood Bowl are incredible.

11. It’s Where You Can Be Whatever You Want!

I can’t promise you’ll make a living at it, but this is where you follow your dream. Hey, we all have day jobs out here. That doesn’t define you like it does in other towns.

12. It’s Diverse!

Yeah, you have to be tolerant to different races, sexual orientations, etc. if you’re going to come here. Intolerance is not tolerated.

13. It’s Got Legal Weed!

It’s like shopping at a Mac Store. Seriously. The first time you buy legal weed, it will blow your mind.

14. It May Have Legal Weed, But You Can’t Smoke It Anywhere!

Well, we’re way more accepting of weed than tobacco. Just quit smoking before you get here. You’ll get hassled a lot. Besides, you have to sell your car to afford a pack of cigarettes out here, and you need your car.

15. It Takes Forever to Get Anywhere!

If you move to Silverlake, say goodbye forever to your buddies in Santa Monica. It’s easier to just make new friends than tackle the 10.

16. It’s Pet-Friendly!

Okay, it’s hard to find an apartment that allows pets in West Hollywood, but pretty easy everywhere else. We even have pet therapists and pet psychics if you’re one of those types of people (no judgment).

17. It’s Only On Fire for About Half the Year!

Yeah, okay, we are on fire more often than most places.

18. It Doesn’t Experience As Many Earthquakes As You Think!

The East Coast gets torn up by hurricanes way more often than we get shaken apart by earthquakes. Besides, the small ones are kind of fun. Big ones, not so much.

19. It’s Not That Artificial!

We get a bad rap for being phony. And yeah, we have our share of poseurs. But most people here are good, genuine people, and not all that different from you or me.

20. It Has Everything!

Seriously. Everything. If you can’t find it here, it doesn’t exist (I’m not saying everything is legal, just that we have it).

raised by wolves and educated by the streets of l.a., chuck is never afraid to tell it the way he sees it.


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