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What Your Favorite Color Does (And Doesn’t) Say About You

Lauren Krouse

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We’ve all got a favorite color. And like your favorite anything else, your favorite color says something about you. So what’s in a vibrant red person versus a pale yellow person? Read on to learn about what your favorite color says about you (and what it doesn’t say).


People who love red are often pegged as vivacious, fiery, and outgoing. But you don’t have to be an extrovert to adore the richness of the most romantic and rosy color. If you choose red, you are someone who prizes vibrancy and boldness in design, and perhaps in partners and yourself as well. When you put on red, you feel attractive and electric, and your power radiates like the sun.


Pinks are a little easier to peg than reds in the sense that they are almost always sweet, romantic types who use the word ‘lovely’ a little too often. But you can’t be annoyed with them for that, because they just radiate peony and baby rose sweetness!


Orange folks tend to be energetic and bright, yet down to earth and approachable. They’ve got an artistic side, but unless they love a really glaring shade of orange, they won’t push that side of themselves in your face. Oranges are sunny and kind and almost always extroverted.


Yellow is one of those colors where the shade you choose can mean something vastly different about you. Whereas bright yellow almost automatically means you are bright, sweet, friendly, and gracious, a paler yellow means you may be more delicate and understated in your kindness and persona. Either way, though, it’s hard to say yellow is your favorite color without also saying you’re an optimist who enjoys seeing the bright side – or who at least tries to.


Green is another color that gives you a mixed result based on what shade you love. For example, those who feel drawn to bright, limey green tend to also be drawn to the tropics, heat, and summer brightness and fun. They may also just be plain zany. Pale green, on the other hand, is a lot like pale yellow, and often reflects someone who is calm (or who prefers to be in quiet, calm places) and who feels drawn to delicate, sensitive design, objects, and people. Dark greens often share traits with pale greens, but they aim for quiet elegance and strength, as well as mystery, intrigue, and intelligence. They can be anxious, or anxiety-inducing. Green types as a whole tend to be genuine. While it’s easy to say they’re drawn to the outdoors because they like such a natural color, and many are, greens are often split between those who crave quiet and calmness and those who want nothing more than adventure on adventure.


Blues prize harmony, unity, peace, and togetherness, no matter what the shade. Whereas dark blues can be on the more depressive and lonesome side, light blues are sweet and easygoing people-pleasers. Naturally, blue folks feel a closeness and draw to water, whether that’s taking long, luxurious baths, strolls along the oceanside, or lakeside picnics. Often, though, blues enjoy being submerged. Water feels safe and welcome, like a second home, and depth of thinking, conversation, and being are attractive and desirable, rather than something to fear. Royal blues crave power, attention, and beauty. They’re far more dynamic and demanding than other blues.


Purple people are exceedingly hard to peg. While purple tends to appeal to creative types and nonconformists, it also has a royal beauty that brings to mind queenly attire and luxury. Light purples like lavender are sweet, soft, and warm people who thrive best surrounded by those like them, whereas dark purples are much like dark blues, though perhaps even more complicated and difficult to know fully. Purples can be extroverts or introverts or a fun mix of both. Chances are, though, no matter what the shade, purples have a special way of seeing the world – and for that reason, they’re worth getting to know better.


People who love black either love the color for its mystery and darkness or for its sleekness and classic black-goes-with-anything blackness. They don’t mind saying that their favorite color isn’t really a color on the color spectrum, and for that reason, they can be nonconformist types. Often people who love black are one extreme or the other – total extroverts or total introverts.


Understandably the opposite of black lovers, people who love white tend to be clean, clinical, and even cold. They know what they want, and they like for their lives to feel ordered and well planned out. Chances are they have a load of habit-tracking apps on their phone and a distinct sense of style – one that won’t change an inch as they age. While this might sound boring or stark, whites have one great trait: you can always count on them. They aren’t the types to show up late, let you down, or surprise you with some shocking behavior.

Of course, it’s impossible to peg down who you are with just your favorite color in mind. These descriptions may give you a starting point for digging into the psychology of someone’s favorite color, but don’t place bets on them. You’re best off moving on from basic questions like “What’s your favorite color?” to bigger ones like “What do you love to do?” and “What makes you happiest?” to really get to know someone.

Lauren Krouse

Lauren Krouse

As an autodidact, weightlifter, runner, teacher, activist, amateur Buddhist philosopher and proud black lab mama, Lauren believes life should be jam-packed with meaning and action. Her writing is as all over the place as she is.