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28 Things You Stop Caring About When You Hit Your Mid-20s

You've hit your mid-20s. And chances are, you are happier than ever. Why? Because you have stopped caring about the things that do not matter. Here are 28 things you know better than to care about once you hit your mid-20s.

1. Bad friends.

You work full time. You don’t have time to waste on those.

2. Bad partners.

By now, you know what you want, and you have no time or energy for assholes.

3. The end of relationships.

Even the greatest ones. Because you’ve been through enough breakups by now to know that the sun will keep rising and setting afterwards, and your heart is strong.

4. Dating a certain type of person or sticking to your clique of friends.

You just don't care about this anymore. You’ve lived long enough to know that some of the most awesome relationships are with the people you never expected to click with. Rather than sticking to your “type,” you make it a point to be open to anyone. You value diverse relationships and people.

5. Winning arguments.

You know you won’t win plenty of arguments, and you also know that the best arguments and debates happen when you open your mind and they open theirs. Even when it’s a struggle, you try to see things from other people’s points of view, and you try to respect them. You have stopped caring about whether or not you "win" an argument, because that's not the point of having one.

6. Exes.

If you were ever a Facebook stalker, you are not anymore. You move on after breakups, because caring about what they're doing now, without you, is a waste of your valuable time.

7. Holding grudges.

You know that holding a grudge only hurts you, so when it’s over, you move on.

8. Old regrets.

At this age, you are fully capable of laughing at some of the most shameful or embarrassing moments in your past. Even if you can’t laugh, you’ve learned valuable life lessons, and you’re proud of yourself for that.

9. Failing.

You do not care about failing. Because you have failed. Plenty of times. And you know that life goes on after that.

10. What the neighbors think.

‘Cause putting a bra on to take the trash out just isn’t worth it.

11. Your LinkedIn.

You know what you’re capable of and what job you deserve. You also know that your interview, life skills, personality, and resume matter far more than how often you update your online profiles.

12. Reaching huge goals and milestones right on time.

You still have goals. Lots of them. And you still work on them. But you understand that good things take time, and you’re not going to change the world in a day.

13. How often you shave.

No one is looking that close, and if your partner cares that much, they can shave for you.

14. How much your makeup costs.

Because by now, you can tell there isn’t much of a difference between the fancy cover-up and the cheap stuff.

15. Lingerie and sex toys.

Both are awesome. But you’re not going to shovel out half of your paycheck for either anymore.

16. Being shy about your sex life.

If you like something in bed, at this point, you let your partner know. Because you’re both much happier that way, and there’s no reason to be ashamed of whatever kinks you’re into.

17. Where you get your clothes from.

Secondhand stores have some of the best brands, and often with the tags still on. You know better than to buy anything full price by now. You also know that name-brand clothing can be uglier than the off-brand stuff.

18. Keeping up to date on clothing trends.

Because, let's be real. You know that romper is going to look like baby clothes a year from now.

19. Whether you make it to every party or get-together this month.

Because some nights, you are tired as hell, and watching repeats of your favorite sitcom beats getting all dressed up just to earn a hangover.

20. Crowded and loud places.

Because, actually, that hole-in-the-wall restaurant no one goes to has awesome food and service, and you can actually hear the person you’re trying to talk to.

21. How late you stayed out.

Remember when it used to be embarrassing if you left the bar or party too early? Not so now. You value your sleep far more than small talk.

22. Your own birthday… or age.

You’re down for a small get-together, but you’re not going out of your way to have the best birthday party ever anymore. And, at this point, you’re starting to get hazy on whether you’re 25 or 26 this year. It just isn’t a big deal anymore!

23. How old your partner is.

Remember when dating someone four years older than you felt like a big deal? At this point, if he makes you happy, you’re happy. Age is but a number.

24. Texting back right away.

You know these conversations can wait, especially when you’re enjoying whatever you’re doing in real life so much.

25. Popular music or TV shows or movies or…

You can only listen to and watch so many things. And by now, you know what you like and what you’re willing to binge on.

26. Drama.

You will take none of it.

27. What other people are doing.

You know that you are your own measuring stick. You celebrate others’ successes and work towards your own.

28. Living the perfect life.

You’re an adult, and some days you feel like one, but other days, you feel just like a confused and lost child. But you know you’re not alone in this feeling, and that it’s perfectly fine to feel this way. You don’t care about living the perfect life anymore, because you know that perfection is an impossibility. The imperfection you live in – and the meaningful life you’re building for yourself – is far more wonderful than “perfect.”

as an autodidact, weightlifter, runner, teacher, activist, amateur buddhist philosopher and proud black lab mama, lauren believes life should be jam-packed with meaning and action. her writing is as all over the place as she is.


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