26 Signs You Are Definitely From North Carolina

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Some people don’t care where they’re from. They don’t understand state pride. But if you’re from North Carolina, you’ve got it, and you can list plenty of reasons why it’s the place you want to wake up and go to sleep every day. Here are 25 signs you’re definitely a North Carolinian.

1. You know there’s only one kinda tea, and that’s sweet tea.

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And we’re talkin’ syrupy sweet tea, not that watered down stuff.

2. You love Mason jars.

And you use them for everything, from food storage to water drinking to wedding décor to party favors. And, of course …

3. You know the only moonshine worth drinking is straight out of an unmarked Mason jar.

If it’s got a label or you can buy it in a store, it ain’t moonshine. Chances are, you’ve passed one around a fire, because …

4. You can’t count how many bonfire parties you’ve attended.

You know how rewarding it is when that fire finally lights, and you’ve started one without a starter plenty of times. How else would you get rid of all that cardboard trash?

5. You know the best parties are potlucks.

And you’ve got a go-to dish that you bring to every single one.

6. You know that when it comes to sides, grits and mac and cheese totally count as vegetables.

And a meal isn’t really a meal without some meat.

7. You know that there are two types of barbecue in this world, and you’ve probably got an opinion on which one is best.

North Carolina is a state split on barbecue. Western North Carolinians tend to go for Lexington style, which has a tomato or ketchup-based sauce and uses only pork shoulder. Eastern North Carolinians, on the other hand, dig the whole hog and eat it up Eastern-style in a barbecue sauce that’s far more vinegar-rich. But, no matter what part of Carolina you’re from,

8. You are fully capable of eating barbecue until you want to die.

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That healthy eating thing just doesn’t apply when it comes to barbecue. And speaking of unhealthy foods…

9. You have a go-to Cook Out milkshake order and a go-to Cook Out tray order.

You’ve been there countless times well past midnight. And you’re well aware that you can get however many shake flavors you want – that’s the glory of Cook Out.

10. You know Bojangles’ is the best hangover cure in all the land.

‘Cause there’s nothing like crazy greasy food to ease that beer belly.

11. But you can also rock out at a fancy brunch.

Because North Carolinians know that southerners have the heartiest, most delicious breakfasts on the planet. And there’s nothing wrong with a mimosa or Bloody Mary on a Sunday as long as you’re well-dressed. But…

12. You know the pain that is waiting until 12 noon to buy alcohol on a Sunday.

Because North Carolina still hasn’t fixed that outdated law. But you’re following the news on it, and you’re hoping someday things could change. And …

13. You’ve had to apologize for your state’s politics at least a few times.

Ever heard of the bathroom bill? (Yep, that was us.) But, at the same time,

14. You have friends on both sides of the fence.

Because North Carolina has been some shade of purple for a long time, and chances are, you know someone who voted Republican just for taxes. You also know plenty of people who vote Independent and really mean it.

15. You know that there’s a big difference between North Carolina and South Carolina.

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And South Carolina is no North Carolina.

16. You know that Asheville is hippie mecca.

And if you’re ever looking for a book on fairies, some great folk art and ceramics, or a homeless drum circle, you know Asheville is the place to go.

17. You know the most gorgeous mountains in the world are smooth, hazy, and blue.

But they turn the brightest reds, oranges, and yellows in the fall, and the Blue Ridge Parkway in autumn is part of what makes you proud to be a North Carolinian.

18. You know the correct way to pronounce Appalachian.

And you’re not embarrassed to say y’all or me ‘n my friends ‘cause that’s probably how you grew up talking (and it’s still how you talk in the safety of your own home).

19. Walking barefoot ain’t no thing.

You were barefoot for most of your childhood.

20. You love the North Carolinian coast’s lighthouses.

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And you’ve spent many a summer vacation at the Outer Banks.

21. You get your produce from the side of the road.

That’s where you get your seafood, too. And your flowers. And whatever else they’re selling.

22. You know the glory that is Cheerwine.

You probably savored it straight out of a glass bottle as a kid. And you feel sorry for states that don’t have it.

23. You’ve had plenty of snow days that resulted in no snow.

But who cares if you don’t have to go to school!?

24. You’ve also casually weathered hurricanes.

There goes another one…

25. You know that North Carolina is the source of all sorts of strange magic, and you’ve gotten to witness it firsthand.

It’s a point of pride that the Venus Flytrap only grows in coastal North Carolina (and maybe a few spots in South Carolina, but that hardly counts).

26. You would never dream of living somewhere that doesn’t have the beach and the mountains.

And your state has the best of both.

Lauren Krouse

Lauren Krouse

As an autodidact, weightlifter, runner, teacher, activist, amateur Buddhist philosopher and proud black lab mama, Lauren believes life should be jam-packed with meaning and action. Her writing is as all over the place as she is.