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10 Undeniable Perks Of Being Single AF

Lauren Krouse

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Romantic relationships are overrated. There are so many movies saturated with romance and drama and sex, and not nearly enough of people living amazing lives completely single and unattached. While the perks of being in a healthy relationship are awesome, there are plenty of perks of being on your own as well. Here are 10 undeniable perks of being single AF to get you excited about your relationship-less status.

1. Grooming. You don’t have to do it as often.

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Now’s the time to get comfortable in your own skin. Grow out those beards, men! Forget shaving your legs, ladies! While it’s always true that you can groom yourself however much you see fit, this is especially true when you are single AF. As long as you’re happy with the level of grooming you’re doing, it really doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.

2. Flirting! You can do it. All the time.

One of the most difficult things about being in a relationship (sorry, ex-boyfriends) is not knowing what’s okay and what’s not when it comes to flirting. When you’re single, you can flirt with whoever the hell you want to flirt with, and flirting is really, really fun.

3. You have variety.

You can learn so much from so many different people. While having one person to come home to is awesome, having multiple people to spend time with is often far more enriching and exciting. You’re not confined to talking about and learning about what your one sweetheart is interested in and does – you can talk to multiple people about all sorts of interesting topics, and you can find an expert on each one!

4. You aren’t obligated to do anything for anyone.

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So, this is basically always true, but it’s especially true when you don’t have a significant other. Say goodbye to boring dinners with parents, awkward encounters with his friends at the bar, or gooey weddings where she’s a bridesmaid again. You are completely free to be. You do you!

5. You can focus solely on personal growth.

When you’re with someone else, especially if you have a more codependent personality, it’s easy to lose part of yourself. We often view this in positive terms – you share your life with someone and you’re not alone anymore – but too often, being in a relationship stunts your growth or at least slows it down. When you’re single AF, you have no excuse not to focus on yourself, and there’s plenty of time, space and freedom to grow.

6. You have more time for friends and family.

We all have that friend we straight up no longer see because he or she is way too wrapped up in a relationship. When you’re single, you not only have more time for yourself, but you have more time for friends and family. A friendly reminder: most of them are going to be around far longer than your latest date.

7. You’re free to be drama-free.

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Romantic relationships can be dramatic. Often, they become dramatic whether or not you’re a dramatic person. When you’re single AF, there’s no worry over what someone else is doing or how they’re behaving and no decoding weird texts or stressing out over your relationship status. Your life can be as drama-free as you want it to be.

8. You don’t have to compromise.

If you want to pick up and move to Thailand tomorrow (hell, why not?!) you can. If you want to binge-watch chick flicks or play video games all day, you can! While compromise can be a beautiful thing, when you’re single, there’s no compromising required.

9. You become a stronger person.

Being in a relationship gives you a strong sense of support and connection. While this is a beautiful thing, what’s even more beautiful is being capable of giving yourself that same support and finding that sense of connection in multiple places. You know the old adage: You can’t love someone else until you love yourself.

10. You become the person everyone wants to date.

Here’s the funny thing: The more you rock out at being single, the more attractive you become to other people. The more you develop as a person on your own, the more you have to give to a truly fulfilling and balanced relationship. If you’re not in love with who you are yet, you’re not going to be able to have the healthy relationship you want, no matter how many people you go out with. Take some time to yourself, and soak up the perks of being single AF.

Lauren Krouse

Lauren Krouse

As an autodidact, weightlifter, runner, teacher, activist, amateur Buddhist philosopher and proud black lab mama, Lauren believes life should be jam-packed with meaning and action. Her writing is as all over the place as she is.