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7 Ways Living Like A Dog Will Make You Happier

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Dogs have life pretty much figured out, don’t they? It doesn’t take a whole hell of a lot to make dogs happy, and they seem to experience happiness on a much deeper level than us human-types. If you’ve ever had a dog, you know what I’m talking about. Dogs just love life. They have a 100 percent, full on, no holds barred appreciation for every single day they’re alive. So what’s their secret?

Well, we could get into a discussion about how a dog’s inferior intellect, blasé attitude towards freewill, and level of dependency on others might be contributors towards their happiness, but if you’re the kind of person who’s going to argue that dogs are happier because they don’t know any better, then go read another article. If, on the other hand, you’re the kind of person who’s open to learning from man’s (and woman’s, let’s be inclusive here) best friend, then read on.

Get your exercise.

The key to a well-adjusted dog is regular exercise. Your dog needs to get out there and get moving every single day, and so do you. And, as your dog knows, exercise doesn’t have to be a grind. Enjoy being in the great outdoors, and maybe even play a little. It’s a great way to start your day.

Hang out with friends.

Dogs are pack animals. They’re social creatures. They need the company of others to be happy. Regular, quality interaction with others is going to make you and your dog so much more fulfilled.

Have a purpose.

Dogs aren’t happiest when they’re fully left to their own devices. They like to feel useful, and so should you. Your dog knows its his or her responsibility to keep the house safe while you’re at work, so make sure whatever you’re doing while you’re gone all day is something you see as time well spent.

Go crazy when someone you love comes home.

Do you get as much pleasure from anything as your dog gets when you get home from work? They go completely nuts. They love you and they don’t feel any need to try to hide that or play it cool in any way, shape or form. So the next time your significant other comes over, show them how happy you are to see them. Run around in circles, jump on the furniture, lick their face, whatever it takes.

Don’t hold grudges.

Dogs live in the moment. They forgive and forget. Those times you snapped at them? Stepped on their tails? That’s all water under the bridge. Learn from your dog to just let things go. Life’s so much better when you spend less time dwelling on the negative.

Be loyal.

Maybe the greatest lesson we can learn from our dogs is their sense of loyalty. When you bond with your dog, that connection is there for life. Your dog is never going to dick you over. Be true to the people you care about, be a person who’s word is actually worth something.

Naps can happen anyplace, anytime.

Running yourself ragged is a major contributor to your stress and feeling like shit. A lot of people like to brag about how busy they are and how little sleep they get as some sort of proof of how valuable their time is. But this really just demonstrates poor time management skills and lack of ability to satisfy your own basic needs. When your dog is tired, he takes a nap. Then he wakes up feeling fresh and ready to go. Get your sleep. You will be happier.

As humans, we have lives that are little more complicated than those of our four-legged friends. But they don’t always have to be. Stay active, stay rested, and stay true. These are the lessons you can learn from your dog to improve your quality of life and the lives of those you interact with on a regular basis. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should take all your life lessons from your dog. You might, for example, stay away from shoving your faces in people’s crotches, eating things you find on the sidewalk, and licking your own butt. There are a few things your dog can learn from you, after all.